Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Long distance embroidered pillow

Isn't it nice to see my crafting mojo back?

As I have been blabbing about on here, one of my sisters moved away to Omaha for grad school.

I saw a similar idea to this on someone's blog who I believe had an out of state engagement or something. I have tried and tried to track it down to give credit (PLEASE tell me if you know). But the instant I saw it I knew I was doing it for my sister Wendy.

I'll call it the long distance pillow - perfect for any loved one who has moved away.  Simple but classy.

I used natural muslin (about $2) for the pillow and a taupe scrap fabric for a ruffle.  I didn't really measure. My guess is that my muslin pieces were about 12"x16". 

Then I found outlines of Utah and Nebraska online and held my paper up to the computer monitor to trace the shapes.  And I free-handed a heart.

To make the ruffle I sewed one long tube, encasing the raw edges inside. 

Put your sewing machine stitch length on the longest setting and gently tug on the top thread while sewing down the middle.  Perfect ruffle!

I pinned it where I wanted it to be, down the left side of the front. Then I sewed down the center to attach it, right on top of the ruffling thread.

Next I slipped my patterns inside my fabric to trace it lightly with pencil.

I stitched the outlines with a three strand thickness of embroidery floss, and taught myself to backstitch.

States are finished!

I added a red heart to link the love across the miles.

Time to make the pillow.

Pin with right sides together.  Sew and stuff!

I loved the finished product!  One of my favorites ever.  I shipped it off right away.

What do you think of it??

Miss you Wendy!

The ruffle goodness continues Friday with a copycat clothing item.  Don't forget to come back and see my next project!

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  1. Love seeing your craftiness. I am in that crafty mood too, just haven't figured out where to use my good intentions this time:) I even had a dream we moved into an old, old house and everything needed to be remodeled....we are not moving any time soon :)

  2. I love this!! My husband and I are from two different states and live in the one I am from. I would love to make something like this for our house or to give to our children who are growing up to love and be proud of two states...great idea!

  3. In my humble opinion, this is the greatest thing you've ever made (even better than pumpkin rolls). It makes me feel happy and loved every time I see it. I love it even more seeing the step-by-step work that went into it.


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