Thursday, October 13, 2011

To my kids

It happened.  My husband threw out the old "I hope you're given a son just like you" to one of our boys.  Parents say that because when you're a kid, you just don't understand how frustrating you are to mom and dad. 

Ya know, my mom could have said that many times to me.  But she didn't.  Well, not while I was growing up.  She said it before I got married and she said if I got kids like me it would be a blessing.  How's that for sweet?  Maybe she had selective memory loss of my 15th year.  It wasn't pretty.

Anyway, in honor of all that our kids don't understand, 
I have been thinking of some things I hope my kids know.  (They won't actually know any of these completely till they are parents, but it's my blog, and I can dream).

I hope they know that I actually am keeping score a lot of the time.  I do try to give a make up call when I've been a tad unfair.

I hope they know that it's thrilling to me when they still aren't embarrassed by me and actually enjoy seeing me show up at school.

I hope they know that it wouldn't hurt once in a while to be thankful for all the time I spend volunteering (but I like doing it anyway) at their school.

I hope they know how much I sacrifice to limit my car trips for errands so we have enough gas to get to the away games they play in.

I hope they know that thinking of them needing me is sometimes just the thing that gets me through a tough day.

I hope they know how delightful the evening is when they go to bed on time.

I hope they know how delightful the morning is when they've gone to bed on time.

I hope they know that just doing it the first time I ask really is easier than arguing about it.  You won't change my mind, you just make me more upset.

I hope they know I pray with all my might that they will live what they have been taught after they step out the door in the morning.

I hope they know how much I wish they had a cell phone - not for them, but to make life easier for me.

I hope they know that I've never been to Disneyland either, and I'm still alive and well.

I hope they know how my heart swells with pride to see them perform something they have worked hard at.

I hope they know how very much I love them.


  1. Ha. Mom said that to me all the time. I think I deserved it (in the not sweet way) a lot more than you did :) I really do hope your kids grow up to be just like you so I can keep loving them as much as I do

  2. I love this post. And I love your kids. :-) When are you going to raise mine? heehee

  3. I cried while I read this post. That is just sooo sweet!


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