Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween day

Over the weekend I found out that I am the room mother for Jedi's class.  Yep, and a party was scheduled for Monday morning.  Plus, the teacher I had offered help to ended up having another mom plan the party and didn't tell me?!?  So that was interesting.

Anyhoo, welcome to the quickest and simplest planned class party ever! We did four fun activities and the kids were very well behaved.  Good thing, too, because only one other mom stopped in to help.  What a crazy day.  My sister came to see the kids in the costume parade and it was fun.  Usually we are off track from year round school over Halloween but since we switched tracks this year, we could participate.

Jess was kind enough to watch the baby for me during the party which helped a ton.  Then we went to lunch and the girls got to play.

 Squirt, my neice

After lunch I was exhausted and the angels were smiling down on me,because Rosebud took a perfect two hour nap prior to the craziness beginning again.

Time for costumes again!

Adorable little Cinderella

You'll notice that Princess isn't a witch anymore.  She changed her mind between Saturday and Monday and went with the cowgirl.  I was happy; she looked great.  Last minute decisions, though.  She owns two hats - pink and black.  Her grandmother made her this awesome dress for her birthday.  But it's neither pink nor black.  Since her boots are brown and pink we decided on the pink hat.  But how to make it coordinate?  I sewed a band of pink (from an old sheet in my rag drawer) onto the faux suede belt.  It was perfect!!

Da boys

 They were so excited!!  Look at that face.

We played Kids Bop Halloween ALL DAY and we could not stop dancing to Witch Doctor.  We had a blast. When I set up the van at our trunk or treat on Monday night I had that CD blaring and everyone in the whole parking lot was lovin' it.  Potter came straight from play rehearsal to meet us for trick or treating and brought a friend.  They had fun together and we even brought him to visit the grandparents to end our night.

What began stressful turned out to be a rockin' awesome holiday for us.  Happy candy hangover!!

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