Monday, November 7, 2011

Joe, say it ain't so

This picture of me and my classmates with the Nittany Lion in preschool was printed in the Centre Daily Times on Dec 18, 1979

Most who read my blog know me as a raving BYU fan.  But long before I wore the Y on my shirt, I was wearing navy blue for dear ol' State; the anchor of the college town where I'm from, the alma mater of my dad and uncles, and where my brother currently wrestles.

Penn State has been a part of me since the day I was born.  My dad was a sports writer for the above mentioned paper.  When he covered games my mom and I would sometimes tag along and wait and watch and wait for him.  My other brother and dad still fly back regularly to attend football games in famous Beaver Stadium.  My mom is there right now, visiting my brother Matt.  My family probably owns a hundred pieces of PSU memorabilia and clothing.  It's who we are.

The scandal involving ex-Penn State coach Sandusky (I went to elementary school with his son in State College, PA) is shocking and disturbing.

The knowledge that the head coach reported one incident to his superior (in title only; we all know Paterno is king) is semi-comforting.

The thought that JoePa could have (should have?) done more to stop it is one that leaves me sad and unsettled.

For our family, this whole story hurts so bad.  Read my sister's blog for a more thorough rundown of the legal vs. ethical issue in question:  Life in Limbo

Joe Paterno

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  1. What a sad day for the whole Penn State family :( You know I feel the same way you do. I can't bring myself to "blame" Paterno. I refuse to do that. But there's no doubt I'm saddened.


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