Thursday, December 1, 2011

Last two weeks

Well, I broke down and ordered another $3 camera cord, but in the meantime I will share a few recent things based on pictures I have on my cell phone.

Jedi did a very cute poem about diversity for the PTA Reflections contest and it won the top award at the school level and is headed on to district competition.  He got a real trophy with his name printed on the plate and everything.

His entry talked about being black/white not mattering and that what counts is how we live our lives.  I love it.  I should have scanned it before he submitted it.  I will try to remember to share it once we get it back.

Here is Rosebud, moments after her ear piercing and as soon as she finished crying.  She has been asking about them for a while.  And as my "girlier" girl, she had a much easier time with it than Princess did. She looks so pretty with shiny, gleaming little ears.  Big thanks to my mom who took her and her baby cousin to the mall together to get pierced.

Strider and I were asked to give a special talk on "marriage that endures the test of time" for our Relief Society Super Saturday just before Thanksgiving.  It was a humbling experience but was a total blast.  We have never collaborated on a project of that caliber and it was a ton of fun to compare notes/outlines and then take turns giving our portions of the talk.  We grew closer together just as a result of the preparation, and then as I heard him speak about me/us it made my heart swell.  What a neat opportunity!  Maybe sometime I can share the outline we used.  Gosh, I love him!

After I upload pics I will share things happening with the older boys. :)


  1. I would love to see that outline. You 2 are one of my most favorite couples. you inspire me in so many ways. Love you guys :)

  2. It was an AMAZING presentation, thanks again Jen!!!

  3. great picture of you guys! I just took out my dd earrings that she had pierced in June. This was the 3rd infection. Sad.


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