Monday, December 12, 2011


I've changed my thread 5 times today, but I'm thankful.

No, I'm not working an an awesome pair of curtains and I haven't yet sewn the skirt that Rosebud is begging me to make for her. But I am helping my family by doing something I enjoy.

So far today I have:

sewn up a winter coat that was torn in four spots
fixed holes in 3 ripped jeans knees
reattached the cuff on a hoodie
fixed a pouch on another hoodie
hemmed a pair of dress pants that I found at the thrift store for Princess

I am so very grateful for my sewing machine, for simple skills, for the ability to make things last just a bit longer around here before tossing them. The mending pile? It's not so bad.


  1. The sewing machine is a beautiful thing.

  2. Good for you! Sometimes doing those little things feels like the biggest accomplishment. :)


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