Thursday, December 8, 2011

Preteen in the house

Here is my Bugs, celebrating 12 years!

First was his actual birthday, shared by the pilgrims. How cool is it to have everyone celebrating with turkey and pumpkin pie on your special day! :)

 We had a nice meal at Grandma's house followed by a few gifts from family.

Friday was a day for shopping and partying!  We did a little Christmas shopping and had the other side of the family over.  Among other great gifts, my mom got him a suit to wear for his ordination on Sunday.

 He has this funny habit when opening gifts.  He won't look at it until the whole thing has been unwrapped.  He's so funny.

Happy Birthday!

On Saturday, prior to passing the sacrament for the first time, Potter (his deacon quorum president) talked with him and trained him on what his duties are.  He answered lots of his questions and was more patient than I expected him to be.  It was so cute.

My three resident priesthood holders before heading to church.

He was super duper excited to go to the temple for the first time, which we scheduled just two days after his ordination.

Temple Square is so special at Christmastime.  I'm very proud of Bugs for asking us to take him and for being worthy to go.  His eyes were filled with wonder at the beauty and spirit of the temple. 

We had some good food before heading home.  It was a great week.  He can't wait to go back to the temple this Saturday morning with the youth!


  1. He looked SO handsome in his suit last Sunday! :]

  2. He is such a good kid I will miss him in my class! I guess they have to grow up sometime.

  3. Aw, this post made me cry. I'm so proud of him; wish I would have been there for it all. I'll have to come to your ward when I'm home and see him pass the Sacrament


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