Thursday, January 19, 2012

Church History Museum

On Monday we went on a little outing with everyone off of school that day.  We headed downtown to the church museum.
Life-size Angel Moroni statue

Ship bunks

Early chapel replica

Then we got to the upper floor which was the whole reason I wanted to go.  They have revolving children's exhibits.  Last year it was the CTR theme, now it's The Book of Mormon.  It was so neat!  There was beautiful artwork and creative activities.

Jedi with Nephi (does anyone else think Jedi's maturing right before our eyes??)

Potter looking through the gold plates

Rosebud looking out a port hole of Nephi's ship

Princess fishing off the side of the boat

Rosebud gathering eggs from the chickens

Princess tossing corn tortillas in South America

I highly recommend going if you're in the Salt Lake vicinity.  They have even more than I showed here.  The kids loved learning about the Book of Mormon while playing in this hands-on exhibit.  It interested all of my kids ages 13-2.  I'm glad we went! 


  1. Your kids are looking old. That looks like tons of fun to go to. Think Rosebud would want to visit again in February? :-)

  2. Oh how fun! We LOVED the exhibit last year, but didn't know the theme changed! Thanks

  3. We have been wanting to head up there again. Now we will put this on the priority list. So much fun!! I hope it will work for my 17 year old to 3 year old. Thanks!!

  4. Is this the place I went with your activity days girls? It was a lot of fun then, and it looks like it still is


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