Thursday, January 5, 2012

Counter space!

I hinted the other day that we changed something in the kitchen...

Our gift from my parents this year was an over-the-range microwave.  What an important thing in a tiny kitchen!

Strider raised the cupboard 4 inches to accommodate the micro.

Once he was able to run a wire to the top cupboard for an outlet, the rest of the install was pretty easy (or so he says).

Now I have a counter for my important papers file, my toaster, bread box and baking canisters:

And one that is all open for....ANYTHING!  What a wonderful work space:

We love it!!!


  1. I love the under mounted microwave. I want a under counter toaster, too but I cant find one.
    I am just catching up on every ones blogs, and it made me sad to read about your sisters moving. I only have one sister here, and when her and her husband move for grad school, I may fall apart.

  2. So nice! And uneven cupboards are so "in" right now as well. :)

  3. Great job! Our last two houses have had the over the range microwave and I love it. Not sure I could ever go back.


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