Monday, January 2, 2012

On my mind today

~I think the Christmas break was a good amount of time. Strider and Potter head back tomorrow and the little ones are off track for another 2 weeks. We've had plenty of family time and I'm ready for a schedule again.

~ I really need to try these, and soon:

~I have missed blogging so much. 

~Aren't these so cute?:

~I haven't picked up a book for pleasure in a month.  Need to remedy that.

~Christmas is put away.  Living room feels large.  Now I need to put things back on the empty shelves and I kinda don't want to.

~We did these and this lesson for FHE tonight.  Time for goal setting again after TOO long of not doing so. I also love the stuff in this lesson and may follow up next week with it.

~We changed something in the kitchen that makes me so happy. More later...

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  1. I really hope my little man grows out of his peanut allergy because I really miss pb desserts. Looks great! Thanks for the links. I did a FHE lesson on goals (it's always a gong show) and at the end I said our activity was to make goals for the year and they all said "that's boring" and "I don't want to". So... I'm trying not to be sad and just carry on. I love making goals. Maybe one day they all will too. Guess one will be to have better FHE participation:)


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