Monday, January 30, 2012

To-do today

Photo by Chacee

I was making my list (done and yet to-do) for today and felt like sharing it.

up at 5:50
read scriptures
Pizzazz choir carpool (6:20)
regular jr high carpool (7:20)
elementary safety patrol (8:15)
call in one kid sick and coughing
start crockpot with salsa and chicken breasts
empty dishwasher instead of the sick kid doing it (yuck)
not make the bed - Strider did it!
clean hall and clear hobby/craft desk area
get papers out of the kitchen - file the pile
fill out permission forms for ski trips and spring play try-outs
upload Rosebud birthday pics
do 2 loads laundry
clean out microwave
schedule dentist appts
write 3 thank you notes
clean out purse
get my planner up-to-date
order jr high yearbook (finally!)
get ready to do taxes
ask Jedi's teacher what activities she wants planned for Valentine's Day
read over some merit badge requirements so I can help Potter & Bugs
decide FHE tonight
blog (hee hee)
stop wrestling with the decision to Pintrest or not
finally watch Tangled with my daughter

Phew.  I love Mondays.


  1. Yeah, my list is similar...
    Clean House
    Make Dinner
    Umm, yeah. That's about it!

    Can't wait to see you on Pinterest

  2. You were WAY more productive that I was today! And why am I not following you on Pinterest?! :)


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