Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Photo a Day 29

That was a fun month of photos! Thanks for reading along.  For our last one, forgive me for using a video in place of a still shot.

something i am listening to

A new beginning

"Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose
the good we oft might win, by failing to attempt."
-- William Shakespeare

Did my last photo give you a hint?  This week I finally put a goal into motion.  Not just a goal, but the biggest goal of my adult life. 

I'm headed back to school. 

Right now it's just one independent study course.  And I need to do one more, probably this summer.  After I complete these two I will be ready to apply for the BYU BGS program this fall.

I am ready to remove my one regret in life.  I am ready to stop letting past failures define me.  I've talked about it long enough. It's time to get rolling, five kids or not.  I am excited.  I am terrified.  I will need a ton of support to make this a reality.  But I can do it.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Photo a Day 28


YM Advancement

My dear Potter advanced from the deacons quorum at church into the teachers quorum.  He was ordained by his dad, who was super sick and left church early after the ordination.  But I wanted a photo with the special guy on his special day. 

He also earned his Duty to God certificate for completing the deacon requirements.

I love him so much.  It's amazing to watch him transform from boy to young man.

Monday, February 27, 2012

February Photo a Day 27

something i ate

Scarves from tees

More t-shirt refashion!

Potter cleaned out his dresser the other day and brought me a garbage bag of clothes for the thrift store.  I looked in it and grabbed a couple tees that were a nice color and mostly solid so that I could play around with them. 

I watched a video from our local lifestyle show and was thrilled that I could have scarves from t-shirts that were A) free and B) no sewing, which means fast.  See the video and more examples here:

I made this one literally in 10 minutes and snapped this quick picture before running out the door to a meeting. 

Gold/mustard colored scarf (and I clipped a black flower from the girls' hair clips on it):

Basic instructions:

-cut the bottom hem off a tee
-cut "rings" of knit by cutting two inch strips straight across the body of the tee beneath the arms
-stretch each strip (like exercise bands) and the edges will curl and make skinny cords
- bundle together as many as you want (I think I did six)
-tie together with a small strip of t-shirt (I put my flower clip over the knot)

Easy, eh?

Then I wanted to do a ruffly one - it's my favorite from the show.

This one was from a taupe-y colored tee:

This one took about 20 minutes. 
Basic instructions:

-cut out circles approximately 9 inches in diameter 
-cut each circle into a spiral
-run your hand along each spiraled strip, stretching the knit a little and it will look ruffly
-if your strips are short, glue two together at the end to make longer ones
-bundle several together
-tie any way you like (I looped around my head and then loosely tied a piece of fabric to keep in place)

Now, If I'd used a XL or XXL like the video suggests, my scarves would be more full since I could get more strips out of those than I did from my son's size medium shirts.  But because I'm pretty top heavy I like that I don't have extra bulk where I don't want it.  So this works for me.

Got tees on their way to the thrift store?  Save them!!

I Heart Nap Time

Thursday, February 23, 2012

February Photo a Day 23

my shoes

Potter is 14

On Monday we celebrated a big birthday around here. My oldest is now 14!

He got to play with a friend during the day, and with the fam at night.  My kids love playing at Boondocks, which gives them a free pass on their birthday.  So it's not bad when you can take them with a friend and only pay for one pass for two kids.

They are such good buddies and I am glad to know he's choosing good friends.  Life is SOO much easier that way.

He was spoiled with cash, movies, gift cards and a registration for a stay-at-home session of EFY this summer.  

Look how tall he is (and he's slouching a little so I can reach him)!  He's a good kid with lots of talents.  It floors me that he's ready to register for Seminary, that he shares clothes with his dad, and that his upper lip is getting the early shadow of a moustache.  I am thankful to be his mom and I'm glad that he's the one to teach me the ins and outs of parenting.  Let's face it - I'm a rookie when it comes to each new stage.  He's very resilient.

Monday, February 20, 2012

February Photo a Day 20



I fell off the photo bandwagon a bit - we have been sick around here for four full days. UGH. I got it Fri-Sun and it ain't fun.

I may or may not try to catch up with the daily postings. Till then, my baby has a birthday today and I need to make a cake. Well, my oldest baby, that is.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Freeing up storage space

My phone's memory was getting full. Time to dump off some favorites.

car ride with my baby, when she was actually a baby

temple night at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple

me being a dork

muffins with Princess

a very dirty, but happy, post-cub-camp scout

trying on frames at the optometrist

Potter and Nibbles

family wiffle ball game after the July 4th parade

February Photo a Day 17