Thursday, February 23, 2012

Potter is 14

On Monday we celebrated a big birthday around here. My oldest is now 14!

He got to play with a friend during the day, and with the fam at night.  My kids love playing at Boondocks, which gives them a free pass on their birthday.  So it's not bad when you can take them with a friend and only pay for one pass for two kids.

They are such good buddies and I am glad to know he's choosing good friends.  Life is SOO much easier that way.

He was spoiled with cash, movies, gift cards and a registration for a stay-at-home session of EFY this summer.  

Look how tall he is (and he's slouching a little so I can reach him)!  He's a good kid with lots of talents.  It floors me that he's ready to register for Seminary, that he shares clothes with his dad, and that his upper lip is getting the early shadow of a moustache.  I am thankful to be his mom and I'm glad that he's the one to teach me the ins and outs of parenting.  Let's face it - I'm a rookie when it comes to each new stage.  He's very resilient.

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