Monday, February 27, 2012

Scarves from tees

More t-shirt refashion!

Potter cleaned out his dresser the other day and brought me a garbage bag of clothes for the thrift store.  I looked in it and grabbed a couple tees that were a nice color and mostly solid so that I could play around with them. 

I watched a video from our local lifestyle show and was thrilled that I could have scarves from t-shirts that were A) free and B) no sewing, which means fast.  See the video and more examples here:

I made this one literally in 10 minutes and snapped this quick picture before running out the door to a meeting. 

Gold/mustard colored scarf (and I clipped a black flower from the girls' hair clips on it):

Basic instructions:

-cut the bottom hem off a tee
-cut "rings" of knit by cutting two inch strips straight across the body of the tee beneath the arms
-stretch each strip (like exercise bands) and the edges will curl and make skinny cords
- bundle together as many as you want (I think I did six)
-tie together with a small strip of t-shirt (I put my flower clip over the knot)

Easy, eh?

Then I wanted to do a ruffly one - it's my favorite from the show.

This one was from a taupe-y colored tee:

This one took about 20 minutes. 
Basic instructions:

-cut out circles approximately 9 inches in diameter 
-cut each circle into a spiral
-run your hand along each spiraled strip, stretching the knit a little and it will look ruffly
-if your strips are short, glue two together at the end to make longer ones
-bundle several together
-tie any way you like (I looped around my head and then loosely tied a piece of fabric to keep in place)

Now, If I'd used a XL or XXL like the video suggests, my scarves would be more full since I could get more strips out of those than I did from my son's size medium shirts.  But because I'm pretty top heavy I like that I don't have extra bulk where I don't want it.  So this works for me.

Got tees on their way to the thrift store?  Save them!!

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  1. Okay those are WAY cute! Hope you're available to teach us at an RS meeting soon! :]

  2. Paige made some of these for YW...they turned out so cute. I love the ruffely one the best :)


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