Tuesday, March 6, 2012


As I was running errands today, I realized at one moment that I could see 5 flags all at once.  Five American flags at five businesses, waving in the wind.

I was immediately grateful for this symbol of freedom and for the freedoms I enjoy in many ways.

I am blessed with political freedom.  I have opinions and that's good.

I am blessed with religious freedom.  I can worship where and how I choose.

My days are blessed with freedom.  I set my schedule.  I do things around here the way I want to.

We are only in debt for house and school loans - that brings financial freedom.

I am blessed with freedom that comes from using a budget.  Strider is so good about helping us with this one.  (I get so happy when it's grocery envelope payday).

I am blessed with a cell phone that gives me freedom to roam and know that my kids or family can still reach me. 

I enjoy freedom in my marriage to be an equal partner with my husband.  He is not a dictator, but instead lovingly cares for me and is aware of my needs.

I am blessed with a reliable car that gives me the freedom to run this household with peace of mind.

I am also blessed with freedom to make choices every day - good and bad.  I'm thankful for a Heavenly Father who made agency a priority in His plan.  I am still working on so many self improvements, but He lets me choose every day.  And sometimes I fail, and it's okay.  

I love my freedom.



  1. You forgot to mention your freedom to play UpWords with any made-up rules you want :)


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