Friday, April 6, 2012

Girls room - cost breakdown

So here is the list of expenditures. The budget was tight, and I worked hard to make it great while being careful.

Dresser: reused, but painted pink ($15 paint)
Pink knobs: $10 at Lowes ($1 each)
Fuschia bouquet: $3 at Michaels
Green tin: $1 at Michaels
Scrolly frames: $3 at Michaels ($1.50 each)
Piggy bank: Rosebud already had it $0
Pink Barbie case: Rosebud's play makeup case from her b-day $0

sorry for the glare
SL Temple photo: downloaded here and printed as a 16x20 poster at Costco for $6
Temple frame: LDS distribution center, but already had it $0
Vase: already had $0
White blossoms: leftover from my spring wreath $0
Tea set: Princess already had it from her grandma $0
Child of God block: given as birthday gifts in Primary last year $0
Initial blocks: $3 at Michaels ($1.50 each)
Blessing dresses: memorabilia $0
Padded hangers: from lingerie $0
Wall hooks: $6 at Lowes ($3.00 each)

Dress form jewelry holder: $9.99 at Ross (used $5 store credit and paid 4.99)
CTR print: downloaded here and printed as a 5x7 at Costco for .50
CTR frame: clearance at Michaels for $2.99

Top bedding: $10 in the local classifieds; reversible comforter, sham, dust ruffle
Bottom bedding: her old Disney princess blanket, turned to the solid pink back $0

Chandelier: $10 in the local classifieds (it was brass)
Spray paint w/ primer: $4 at Walmart
Pink Charms: $3 at Michaels (.50 each)

Curtains: old window scarf from the master bedroom $0
Curtain rod: switched rods and curtain clips with the family room set $0
Chair and ottoman: free from local classifieds (read here) $0
Pillow forms: $4 at Deseret Industries thrift store ($2 each)
Pillow covers: unneeded dust ruffle from above $0

Bulletin board: $6 at Walmart
Silver frames: $3 at Dollar Tree ($1 each)
Command adhesive picture hooks: $5 at Walmart
Horse calendar: Princess already had from Christmas $0

Total about $100, not including wall/ceiling paint and painting supplies.  I was hoping to stay closer to $75, but part of the problem was that I was expecting to get free dresser paint (didn't pan out) and was going to repaint the old knobs (we lost one).  But I think the pink knobs are adorable, so I'm okay with it.

This project was fun to work on with Strider over Princess' birthday + Spring Break.  He was equally excited as me for his little girls to have a special place all their own.  We made a good team and he was great at all the painting and odd jobs that were required.  Even driving to Bountiful for the perfect chandelier.

The truth is, you can do anything on a budget.  I have found that if I'm patient, flexible and creative, what I want inevitably shows up for the price I need.  Besides, it's more exciting when that happens as opposed to walking into a store and spending a bunch of money (I don't have) to get everything all at once. 

The only downside is wanting to change so many other rooms in the house :)

Next:  Living room...


  1. Their room turned out so good. I love it. Great job on the budget :)

  2. So cute. I love that you do things on a budget because I don't have endless money to spend on stuff and I get discouraged thinking of all the things I want or need to update. My girls are still waiting for a room update. Actually no room in the house is done. ugh. Thanks for the encouragement that it can be done.


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