Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Here it is...the Girls Room Reveal.

Strider has been working his hiney off this week.  So much for Spring BREAK - ha!

We set out to transform the room that has been "boy" for over 14 years.  Sure, a girl has been in this room for 7 years but we never made any part of it girly.  We had half ivory, half grey paint (2 walls of each), a dark green closet door, heavy wooden furniture, and bland canvas curtains with the boys.  A change was long overdue.

Our fixed pieces:

green carpet stays
brown wood bed stays (It's a huge beast - I was NOT in the mood to paint it)
green striped reading chair stays

So, without further ado:

I realized adding pink and bright white to the green would be the best way to make it work. The oak bed is balanced by the wooden shelf and bookcase, which we chose not to paint.    And when I say bright white, I mean it. The walls are very bright, the curtains are simple and light and airy.  It's beautiful.

These curtains don't look like much in the pic, but they are white with a subtle leaf print.  They used to be a long window scarf that I've had for ages.  I was so glad I'd kept it all this time!  It is airy but still provides privacy.  Perfect.  They are doubled over and clipped with cafe clips. 

I love this dress form stand that sits in front of the window.  It mimics the dress theme on the opposite side of the room.

Much of my inspiration for the room was wanting to have a place to display these memorable dresses worn when each of the girls was given a name and a blessing in church.  Why hang them in a closet when they could be out and be a beautiful decoration?

A few things atop the pink dresser.  I am still on the hunt for a tiny baby pic of Princess.  We weren't digital back then, and I have to dig one up.  But those frames make my heart skip a beat. 

One of my favorite parts - the pretty chandelier.  Definitely girly but not over-the-top.  I added pink wine glass charms to it.  Just enough bling to be sweet, not enough to look like a victorian mansion.  This is what makes Rosebud repeatedly walk into the room saying "It's so pretty!!!".

The practical side of the room.

Princess loves two things: horses and drawing.  She was forever hanging up drawings on her wall with tape.  No more.  I know she'd love a white board in here, but I didn't want to tempt anyone with white walls nearby.  So here she can hang her calendar and a few pictures.

And some beloved prints of both girls with horses. They love looking at them and remembering fun times.

I will give a breakdown of the cost and shopping list and details tomorrow.  For now just enjoy the view.

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  1. Seriously I love it. It fits your girls so well. So pretty! If I were them, I would never leave. :-)

  2. What a fun girl room! I love how you've displayed their blessing dresses. That is the best idea! My other favorite part is the chandelier. Way cute!

  3. So cute! I have a horse lover too and I think we have the same calendar. lol

    Thanks for linking up at!

  4. How cute! Love the bling on the chandelier!


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