Monday, April 9, 2012

Reflections 2011

I promised back here that I'd post Jedi's entry when we got it returned from the Utah PTA.  Here it is!

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Text reads:

Some are black,
some are white.

Some are heavy,
some are light.

We have rewards based on our actions,
not on our color of skin.

Let's focus on what we have in common,
not the differences between us.

It's great to be black,
it's great to be white.

They're all good
and that's alright.


  1. So cool. No wonder he won! He did such a great job.

  2. I love the different colors that he used also

  3. What place did he get? I remember reading this the first time and tried to repeat it for a friend because I loved the message. Thanks for posting it. It was AWESOME and so true.


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