Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Updating my little corner

Thanks to those who have participated in the schooling poll.  BUT YOU AREN'T HELPING!  My least favorite (but most lucrative) option is leading, and my two favorites are tied.  Hmmmm.

Here's what's on my mind at the moment:

I've obviously fallen off the blog wagon, but life rolls along. We're enjoying the beginning of summer already, as my younger kids all finished school last Friday. I love the relaxed time without homework stresses. But I thrive on routine, and that's very hard to maintain during the summer.  I did get to accompany Bugs on a rare Saturday field trip.  Most of the time I can't come with my kids because there is always a little one to stay home with.  But this one worked out and it was so fun.  I think any one-on-one time with kids is fantastic.

I am nearly through my Anthropology class, with only the final essay remaining.  The thought of starting it is almost paralyzing, so I haven't made any progress on it yet.  But my grade is holding steady at 91% and I'm really pleased with that.  I've been slacking in my church calling with the children of the ward so I'm trying hard to rededicate myself and improve my attitude.  Also, my sisters have been gone for so long that I'm getting used to them not being here.  I hate that feeling. 

Strider is busy with end of school stuff and grades and things that make him stressed.  He still took the time to clean up the yard really nice this weekend and was happy to accompany me to a bbq yesterday with Laurel, my college friend.  I, in turn, get to come to his 9th grade promotion night with him at a fancy restaurant tomorrow.  His little brother got married a week ago and we're so excited for them!

Courtney and Jake


I haven't been very open about it on the ol' blog, but Potter continues to struggle immensely with grades.  Not intelligence, or attendance, or extra-curricular activities.  Just motivation to get the work done and turned in.  We've tried every single thing we can think of and nothing makes a difference.  He's now missing out on being part of prestigious groups at school because of it.  I am starting to think only prayer will work and we have to just wait till he *gets* it on his own.  For his birthday this year he got a trip to Especially for Youth at the end of June.  I am sure as he is strengthened spiritually that the other areas of his life will improve as well.

Bugs finished strong in school and marked an end of a very trying student/teacher dynamic that was draining for all of us.  I'm so glad that's over!  As he joins Potter next year in jr. high I am a little concerned about how that relationship will play out.  Either he will be a good example for Potter or it could drive a further wedge between them.  Bugs plans on doing summer band with the jr high and looks forward to getting more experience with the alto sax.

Jedi is still whizzing through his baseball season.  Still undefeated and now in the playoffs, his team has been exciting to watch.  They have a lot of talent and it has been a season for Jedi to learn a whole bunch.  As a birthday present, he gets to go to space camp in a few weeks and is really excited.  He also got good grades and will be switching to the school where Strider teaches for next school year.  I felt like our family needed a change and I look forward to new challenges.  Time to go shopping for uniforms soon!

my boys at the wedding reception

Princess is getting bored already.  She is a major school-lover, teacher-pleaser kinda girl.  In her spare time at home she writes and reads and makes lists and stories and 'teaches' Rosebud.  Constantly.  She had test scores off the charts this year.  I am looking forward to also having her in the new school with Jedi where they can tailor her schooling to be equal to her drive for learning. 

Rosebud LOVES having the kids home.  She doesn't nap as well for me with everybody here, but I love that they can play with her and it gives me some peaceful moments.  When they're not fighting, that is.

my pretty girls


  1. I loved the update...and love that I will get to see you on Thursday (insert little giggle here:) And I loved their wedding clothes, very cute!

  2. I loved the updates on the kids. When you were describing A I thought..hmm a little Jenny!!

  3. Thanks for the pictures and updates! The girls are so beautiful. And Potter's height is out of control! Tell that kid to slow down! I'm excited for your adventure filled summer :-)

  4. Aww, I miss you guys. Thanks for the update


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