Monday, July 9, 2012

All the king's horses and all the king's men

All you regular readers know my passion for the 4th of July and the big celebrations in my little town. It's one of my very favorite holidays.

I think Heavenly Father wants me to be more humble. Another holiday I adore is Mother's Day - I was sick this year. Well, 4th of July also got majorly rearranged (just after I went on and on the night before to family members who weren't 'parade people' that they should really go and enjoy it because it was awesome).

We spent July 3rd making ice. I had drinks bought and ready. Strider got out the cooler.  I bought our traditional Monster Snaps for the kids to throw from the curb. I bought special tees for the girls to wear.  We got up early to set out chairs and secure our spot at the parade I have been attending for nearly 20 years.

Then life happened.

I got in the shower, and after shaving and washing my hair, somehow slipped and had a nasty fall. I tore up my knee and needed a trip to the ER pronto. My Bugs was a trooper and took care of me until help arrived. He was responsible and brave. I went into shock and my dear hubby got me dressed while my parents flew to my house to take me. I was devastated not only over the injury and anticipated recovery time, but over missing Bugs' first performance in the jr high band as they played 'This land is your land' in my beloved parade.

I am hosting photos elsewhere, so that if you are uncomfortable with wounds, you don't have to see them here.

When you see the extent of my lacerations you'll know why I chose this post title.

Photo 1 - arriving at emergency room
Photo 2 - cleaned and prepped to suture
Photo 3 - closed up! 17 stitches, 5 inside and 12 outside (large wound is 10cm)

My list of people to thank for their help this last week is long. A lot of people have helped "put me back together again". 

I appreciate the dedication and expertise of my personal nurse, my mom. Glad she doesn't charge by the hour :) I am thankful for my dad and Strider who administered a priesthood blessing before I left home. I am thankful to my parents for hosting a BBQ to end my 4th so that I could still feel like it was a special day (they even made me favorite burgers with the onion soup in them). I'm thankful to Strider for so many parts of this, but one of the best is that he went on to be Mr Mom that day, and not only videotaped Bugs passing with the band but he took 17 additional videos of the parade so I could feel like I was there.  I am thankful for the food so far from Ash, Rebecca, Danika, Char & Kimmy and those promised later this week. It is so nice to think about healing and not about cooking supper. I am thankful for the beautiful flowers from Rebecca and Renae. I appreciate the texts and calls checking up on me. Thank you for the special accommodations and for so many who have contributed to my comfort.

As always there is a lesson in all of this. I have learned:

Patience- the speed of everything I do has slowed w--a--y down
Acceptance- can't drive and can't flex my knee for 2 weeks and I can't change that
Love- so much support and love from so many
Charity- my kids have shown kindness and been worried for me in ways I have never known before
Strength- getting back into the shower for the first time post-accident was one of the most traumatic things I've experienced (and I was using a shower chair, even).  But the next time I did much better.  I'm a big girl now!
Gratitude- it could have needed surgery, I could have been alone, and on and on 
Humility- let's face it, when your 12 year old son is dragging you out of the tub, all pride is swept away. Likewise, having your husband hold your leg horizontal as you sit on the toilet? It messes with your dignity a bit.

I hate appearing to be weak or needy, and for that reason alone I wish for quick recovery.  But the lessons already learned in 6 days have brought me gratitude, understanding and perspective.  Here's to a July filled with healing and strength!


  1. So glad recovery is going well. I bet your list of things you've learned will get bigger too. Love you so much!

  2. Wow! I'd say all three of you girls are taking turns in the emergency room. I wish you a speedy recovery! Also I am sending you a big hug!

  3. man oh man I had no idea this even happened till I asked you on Sunday we had been out of town the whole week and hadn't heard a thing. I am so glad that all went well and smoothly..sorry that you had to miss some of your favorite things for the holiday. Please let me know if you need my help I can take your youngest 2 girls for a play date with my girls so you can have some R&R just call anytime they can even sleep over if you need love ya!

  4. Those pictures are amazing. So glad you are doing ok. What a crazy experience. Hope you continue to heal and be taken care of. Sounds like you have some sweet family members and friends. Why is it that any medical thing usually takes away all pride? lol.

  5. Hi, can I ask how long it took for your wound to fully heal? I had a small operation with a 2" long horizontal wound across my knee 2 weeks ago, then had stitches removed. The following day, a flexed my knee very slightly and the wound split wide open again. It's been restitched again, but am now worried about how long it will take to regain normality! Your picture isthe only one I can find that looks similar to mine. Thank you

    1. Unknown, it took many weeks! Definitely more than 2. Give it time!


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