Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 4th

Even though our day was nontraditional, here are some pictures of the parade and other things:

Bugs is on the far side, looking at us in this pic :)

After the parade, I finally got to meet back up with the family.  We had a delicious bbq and enjoyed being together.

Our red/white/blue fam

We finished our night with fireworks.  My numbing injection had worn off by then, but I tried to ignore the pain and count my blessings.  I hope you all had a great Independence Day!


  1. I only had one Independence Day (while at BYU) and loved it!! So many amazing things to do and see all week long. I'd love to go back one day. I do love Canada Day though. We missed out on all the fun this year because it was on Sunday.
    You're amazing to be able to try and ignore the pain and count your blessings!

  2. Hey look, there's Karol. Trent grew up with the McDonough's. We lived in the same ward with them for a few years as we were just starting out. Great family.


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