Friday, July 20, 2012

New Mission

My parents are called to serve!

My dad was put into the presidency of the new mission in the SL Valley - the Salt Lake City West Mission.  He will be 1st counselor to President Swain from Taylorsville.  2nd Counselor is Brother Campbell from WVC.

Left to Right is:

Elder L. Whitney Clayton (presidency of the seventy), Dad, Swain, Campbell, Elder Crittendon (area seventy)

My parents joined the church when Dad was already a husband and father.  He's always felt like the mission experience was missing from his church service.  We're very excited for them and this new opportunity.  Missionaries, but they get to live at home!


  1. Such a wonderful opportunity for your family. Sounds like a hard and rewarding experience!

  2. Thanks for posting these! You look awesome! I love your hair!

  3. That's so awesome. You have the cutest fam.


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