Saturday, July 28, 2012

So long, Geo

Strider's little Geo Tracker finally met its end last weekend. 

It didn't quite make the trip to scout camp and back still alive.

We decided to retire the 21 year old thing and get Strider a real car.  As the tow truck loaded up the tracker, Rosebud was VERY upset, and kept repeatedly yelling at him to stop and screamed at the window.  Holy cow; it was as funny as it was upsetting.  She just didn't understand that it was broken.

Here's his new (used) little cutie.  An '03 Dodge Stratus. 


  1. She is so funny...congrats on the new car :)

  2. I saw him in his "new" to him car at the temple walk...SNAZZY! Poor girl young kids get so attached to things it is hard to let go!


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