Saturday, August 18, 2012

Road trip 2012 - Day 1: SLC, UT - Omaha, NE

SO, obviously I planned on posting more in the last two weeks.  But 1) I rarely had internet access.  And 2) We were so busy that we literally never had downtime.

Welcome to the trip of the century!  Well, for us anyway.  Other than a night or two away from home for a camping trip or small getaway, we have never taken a real family vacation.  When my brother in PA got engaged this spring, all that was about to change.  We decided if we were going to put the effort into crossing the country, we better make it good!!

And so we present to you the mass exodus from Utah to Washington D.C. to PA and back.

5, 443 miles and 1,380 photos later, we have seen and done so much.  What a thrill!

Rosebud needed a visual to know how close the trip was getting.  Here is the last day on our paper chain started in mid-June.

The packing was overwhelming.  The kids did a good job gathering their stuff. 

 We wanted to let the kids sleep during the early boring hours so we prepared to leave at 4am.  Knowing Strider was driving and with laundry and cleaning still to accomplish, I didn't sleep that night and just kept packing. 

Um, yeah.

This is the inside, and the larger cases are on the roof.  Each kid had a backpack and pillow at their seat. 

4:30am, ready to pull out.  So much for the kids sleeping during the early part.  They were way too excited for that.  We actually drove away just before 5. 

The sun came up and revealed that Wyoming is long, long, long.

Our first leg was a tough one. We had to make it all the way to my sister's apt in Omaha (13 driving hours) in one day.  Potter got to leave a day early with her and ease our space issues for the longest day of drving.  We missed him but it worked out well.

We tried to savor any break in the scenery.  There weren't many.

 Strider hanging in there.  Doing great!

What's that?  A Nebraska sign?!  Unfortunately Omaha is on the far eastern border. 

The kids were slightly less than enthusiastic when we finally pulled into Wendy's apartment complex.

But we made it!  5am-midnight.  LONG day.  And that completes Day 1.

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  1. I am so glad you took good notes on this trip...we will be doing it in about 2 years. But by then gas will be $6.00 a gallon, right :)


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