Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Road trip 2012 - Day 2 in Washington D.C.


When I saw signs like these I had to pinch myself. We're really here!

So on Saturday we jumped in the van and took a drive to Annapolis to get some amazing Amish food.  The Amish Market came with some really high recommendations.

Is there any outing that isn't made more fun by adding Aunt Wendy?

Amish Market!

Donuts, fruit, lunch, baked goods galore... This place every delicious food you can imagine.  Those Amish know what they're doing!

Here is Strider eating a bit of heaven (pb creme filled donut) in time lapse photography.

And he had to go buy a quart of milk lol.
Once we had stuffed ourselves to the rafters had our fill,
it was time to do one more museum in Washington.  We drove today because
not only could we go to the yummy market, but near our destination
downtown was a $10 parking garage.  $10 in the nation's capital!  What a steal.
At a stoplight we bought water from a baseball team.

We avoided traffic when we headed in the opposite direction of rush hour. 

Walking to the east end of the National Mall.

The moment all the boys have been waiting for!  They saved most
of their money just for the gift shop here.




It wasn't my favorite stop, but the guys sure enjoyed themselves :)


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