Monday, August 20, 2012

Road trip 2012 - Day 3: St. Louis, MO part 1

First stop, St Louis Zoo!

We got up early to be at the zoo when it opened.  It paid off!  Crowds didn't come till we were almost done around lunchtime. 

There are beautiful sculptures at the entrance.

The girls were so excited to ride the carousel.  It was free for the first hour of the day - we rode over and over again!

Then on to some exhibits. 

This bear was apparently as hot as we were.  We watched him amble out of his den, take a dip for about a minute, then go back home.  It was awesome.

The penguins were a huge hit...

...inside and out.  It was FREEZING inside but we were so thankful.  It was about 94 with really high humidity outside. 

Penguins swimming right by Princess.

And one that looks like he's from Happy Feet.

Kids following the instructions to 'walk like a sea lion'.

Potter looking for the hippo that's hiding.

Adorable baby elephant!

It was a completely wonderful zoo.  So well taken care of and such healthy, active animals.  It's free, you just have to pay steep parking ($15).  Well worth it.


  1. Wow! I love that it's free. The zoos here isn't great and is a lot. And the next closest one is over $100 and $20 parking. We are jipped.
    I'm loving seeing your vacation pictures. So very cool!

  2. Love the kids faces on almost every shot...this is wonderful :)

  3. Love the posts! Keep 'em coming!


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