Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Road trip 2012 - Day 3: St. Louis, MO part 2

Next stop, Gateway Arch
We asked for a late check-out from Days Inn so that we didn't have to keep our luggage on the roof at the zoo.  So after that outing we packed up, checked out and headed downtown for the Arch.  
The kids were excited to see it, even far away.

This is at the base.  What a beauty!!
We debated over the cost of going up inside, but in the end decided the memory would be worth it.  The little doors open to elevator capsules that hold 5 people each.  So here are the boys in front of their capsule (I rode with them).

And a couple from France took our picture in front of the girls/Strider capsule.
I took this ride as a kid, so I knew what to expect.  But the rest of the family was a little nervous.

Once at the top (630 ft in the air) they were thrilled at the view.  To me it felt like being on an airplane - I was a little woozy up there and my head felt heavy.

You get to lean on a carpeted ledge and look out of little horizontal windows at the river below on one side,

and the city below on the other.

I think the city is very pretty.  Busch Stadium is cool, too.

Time to hit the road again.  Since we had the luggage on the roof again, and since we were downtown, Strider and the boys unlatched the whole thing and threw it inside the van while we were at the gateway park.  It was difficult, but not more diffucult than replacing possibly all of our clothing if stolen :)

We got our first glimpse of the Mississippi River.

And the Appalachians brought more and more trees :)

Also while in Kentucky, a miracle happened.  All the kids (and me, for a while) were asleep at once.  Strider said driving had never been so peaceful!

Louisville, KY skyline

Next on the list was a stop at Churchill Downs.  It seems silly, but I wanted to see it so badly!  I think the whole place sounds so intriguing.  The races, the horses, the hats. 

It's enormous.

We were very hungry so we stopped for a late dinner at Cracker Barrel.  We tried to find a neat local place but didn't have luck finding family friendly spots, so there ya go.

Only one restaurant so far on the trip, not bad!

Then we got back into the car and drove for a few hours before pulling into a KOA after 1 in the morning.  We made the mistake of booking it and then taking way too long to arrive there.  Long story short, let's just say it was the longest, hottest, most uncomfortable 3 hours I have ever experienced.   We pulled out at 4:30 am.  We didn't use their showers or pitch a tent.  We basically paid $25 to suffer lol. 
Back on the road....
Next stop, Washington D.C.!!

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  1. I think you should have bought a cute hat...just in case you go to the races there another day :)


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