Sunday, September 30, 2012

Back to school (and post 1000!)

Back to school, Jen?  On the final day before October? 

Well, when you get busy and have committed to posting a 19 day long epic vacation, your back to school gets postponed.

We returned from our trip with only a couple days to prepare for Bugs' first big day at jr high. 

The day before he started we picked up his schedule and he got his locker figured out.

All ready!

First day

The underclassmen get to begin without the big mean 8th and 9th graders there so that their first day is calmer and the school is easier to navigate.


Bye Bugs!

A few days later it was Potter's turn to join him.

He's grown about 4 inches this year! Sorry it's dark - he leaves at the butt crack of dawn!

And looks so old to me.  Strider never looked like this in 9th grade.

Little 2nd grade Princess started with Jedi 2 weeks later

Charter school this year, including uniforms

5th grade baby boy!

They, too, have to be ready an hour earlier than they are used to.  They leave at 7:15!

They both have a rigorous schedule this year but they are getting into it and I know they will succeed.

On the same day that elementary started, jr high had a wear-your-favorite-school-colors day.

Silly rivalry :/
Happy 1000 posts to me.  And thanks to you for reading!


  1. I see pictures of your kids and it always amazes me...they are suppose to be babies...not almost men!!!Tell them to stop it :)

  2. I love all these pictures. Every kid needs to wear uniforms because they are so darn cute! Love the favorite colors day. :-)

  3. Can't believe I'm missing all these new adventures :( Your kids look so cute and grown-up. Miss you all!

  4. Happy 1000! Love staying caught up with your cute fam. :)


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