Thursday, September 20, 2012

Back to school homework caddy

In order to take away any possible excuse for dawdling during homework time (I don't have a pencil! My papers need stapled!, blah blah blah), I made a caddy of supplies yesterday.

Lots of back to school items are already on clearance, folks.  Time to hit up those Target end caps. 

I found a dorm shower caddy on clearance from $6 down to $2.48.  I looked at the size of the compartments and knew it would be great for holding supplies the kids need every single evening.

It's big but not huge.  Substantial but not heavy.  And easy to bring to the homework spot (AKA the kitchen table).

I have 24 pencils, sharpened and ready (yeah, my thumb hurts from cranking since we just have a manual sharpener). I added in two kinds of erasers and pens and the stapler and scissors. The other end was a good place to dump our marker stash.

The metal box that the pencils are in was on clearance also, for $1.48, in the office supply section.  It fit perfectly into the side of my caddy so they didn't slip all over the place.

The shallow spot designed for a bar of soap?  Fits the calculators like a glove.


 There you go.  A handy homework tote.  No more excuses, kids!


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