Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Road trip 2012 - Pennsylvania Finale

It's time to leave this beautiful state!

We stopped by the Penn State campus for some photos with the Lion.

And visited the Centre Furnace Mansion

This sycamore tree was alive at the time of the constitution's signing in 1787.

This is what historical iron furnaces look like.  There are many in central PA.

We left town and went to lunch at Friendly's.  We had eaten so seldom at restaurants on the trip and we wanted to celebrate.

Then we drove a couple hours to see the town where I was born, Somerset.

I don't know the address where we lived, so we just drove through town. 

It's so pretty there!

Strider using his first toll road as we traveled the Penna Turnpike.

It was important to me that we make a stop in southwestern PA to visit the 9/11 Flight 93 memorial. 

The kids learned quite a bit about the accident and the heroes that emerged from this tragedy. 

All the names are etched into this white stone wall.

This boulder sits in the field to mark the impact site of the plane.  It was a reverent place to be and as we passed the anniversary this year I was reminded of what it felt like to stand here.
Our last stop in PA was in Pittsburgh, where we had tickets for a Pirates game!
The city skyline from our seats

First major league game for everyone except me

Cool field

Cotton candy, peanuts, hot dogs - the works!


We got a hotel in Pittsburgh and left the next morning.
Bye Pennsylvania! If we had our wish, we'd visit often.


  1. Thanks for sharing your adventure. I really enjoyed all of your pics and stories. It made me want to visit there and I have no connections to Penn. What a neat experience for your family!

  2. I love history. That tree is so awesome!


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