Monday, September 24, 2012

Road trip 2012 - The Wedding

Don't they look happy?!
The whole reason for our vacation was to be there when this handsome guy got married. My baby brother Matt married Lauren on Aug 10th in Pennsylvania.
Brother helping brother with the cufflinks

Getting ready to leave the hotel for the ceremony

The ceremony was outdoors and the weather was sunny and hot following a rainy morning.


Princess and Rosebud with the girl cousins

My sisters and me!
My cute family

The whole gang



We had good food and danced until we were sweating to death.  It was a lovely night and my girls are still putting on pretty dresses to be "Aunt Lauren" here at home :)
Congrats Matt and Lauren!



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  1. She is so beautiful!! I love the family photo...I also love the one with just you and your sisters :)


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