Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween party details

Our weekend was full of parties.  So much so, that I don't feel too much in the Halloween spirit today. 
But the kids had fun.  I only got one picture of Jedi at his party, so I will share Princess mostly.

It was a success!
We did the following games:
Trick or Treat
~with treats hidden around the room, the kids take turns drawing slips of paper that say either "treat" and they can find one, or "trick" and they do something like tell a joke, make a ghost sound, etc.
Eyeball Relay
~ping pong ball balanced on a spoon
Ghost Waiter Relay
~balance a balloon on a plate like a waiter
Halloween Whispers
~The first person whispers a Halloween phrase and they tell the next person and on down the line.  The last person says outloud what they were told. Like the telephone game.
(all from this site - Tip Junkie)
monster eye favors came from here:
At Jedi's party we did some of the same, plus
Baby Mummies (little smokies)
Halloween Pictionary
Guess the Gruesome Object
~I welcomed the boys to my lab.  I explained that there had been a bunch of bodies found and I needed their help to identify them.  They had to put their hands in the 'evidence' box and after they all had a chance to feel, they could guess. 

We had items in the laboratory such as:
vampire teeth (plastic fork tines)
skin (an oiled tortilla)
guts (wet noodles)
rat bones (sticks)
hair (old gnarly wig)
eyes (water marbles, or peeled grapes work well)
ears (dried apple slices)
heart (large peeled tomatoes)
The gruesome laboratory was a riot and the PERFECT thing for 5th grade boys.  I loved doing that one activity more than all else combined.
Happy Halloween to all.  Bookmark this post for next year if you're thinking of doing a party!

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  1. You are so awesome! That last game sounds very disgusting and totally cool at the same time. :-) Love Princess' hair btw


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