Friday, October 26, 2012

Who's ready to party?

I am going way out of my arena this weekend.  I am throwing not one but TWO Halloween parties.

Tonight is Princess with 8 of her friends.  Tomorrow we repeat with Jedi and 8 of his.

The invitations were a blast to make!  Remember when I used to do cool stuff like make cards and scrapbook?  HA!  I went through my supplies and found exactly enough green cards for both parties.  I added a ribbon bat and eyes and party details inside.  This was so fun and the kids helped a lot.

I think once I clean the rest of the house I am ready!

The bats are flying high:

The cookies are ready to frost:

The yummy snack mix I invented (popcorn, pretzels, m&ms, candy corn, white chocolate) is ready to be eaten during Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown:

Craft supplies bought.  Games are planned.  Favors (monster eye rolos) are prepared.

Here's to a frightfully fun weekend!!! 


  1. Emma's ready!! Has been since 2:00, and checking the clock every 5 minutes since then too! lol looks like so much fun! Be sure to send her home with a little extra of that DELICIOUS looking snack mix for her [not as much fun as you] mom! ;)

  2. So much fun! I want to attend! :-)

  3. So much fun!!! You are a great mom...can I come to your house and stay:)


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