Friday, November 9, 2012

Snow day

Ok, not really.  The elementary kids are home today for end of term and parent teacher conferences, not snow.  But the first winter storm his this morning, so it's a perfect day to stay in and cozy up together!

Those were taken about 3 hours ago - we have 4 inches now and still coming down!

In honor of our cozy day, we cranked up the oven to bake.  Princess wanted to try cupcakes.

She's so pretty.  I just watched her as she worked.

When you're the one doing the work, you get to lick the spatula alone.

Not bad - and it was her first time!

Wait, how did this little one sneak in?  Yes, she wears that dress at least part of every day.

All done!



  1. Here in Tooele we are getting lots of snow too - just on the other side of where you are! It is still coming down too! Such a fun day to stay inside and bake! Looks yummy! Have a fab. day!

  2. She is beautiful. Looks like lots of fun. I miss not having to go anywhere and watching the snow pile up! (I don't miss driving) Have lots of fun!

  3. So fun. Oh to be a kid again and to love the snow.

  4. Can we just rewind a few years? She's growing up too much. Making cupcakes??? I don't even do that :)


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