Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We're all in this together

For the last two months this musical has dominated my time and my thoughts.  My two oldest are in the production and I am in charge of props again.  It has been a delightful ride.  As I spend so many days at rehearsals it also forces all of us to be flexible and patient with each other.  Sometimes supper is late getting to the table.  Sometimes Strider has to do my kitchen clean-up.  Sometimes I am grouchy from staying up late gluing or thinking or worrying.
I have been running around getting last minute items for the show, like this:
And enlarging posters and mounting them like this:

And taking this:
And making them look like this:
just so they can get smashed into this at every rehearsal:

And lots more fun props.

I seriously love it.  I love being needed.  I love getting an inside glimpse of what an immense effort it is to pull off a show like this.  I love working more closely with my older boys and their peers.  I love getting to know the teachers and directors on a different level.  I totally LOVE seeing my kids work hard at things and get real rewards; the lasting kind.  I get tears in my eyes every time Potter (Coach Bolton) has the talk with his 'son' about how he needs to follow his own dream and not let anyone tell him otherwise.  That's why I love this so much. 

And I love taking this cutie with me everywhere I go:

 today after the final dress rehearsal
When it's been constant, every day prop help like the last week has been, she doesn't get her usual naps and her routine gets messsed up.  But she is a trooper and does not complain.  She sits quietly and watches the play over and over and over.  She knows all the songs, dances the choreography next to me in the theatre seats, and is the gem of this group of performers. 
She is the love of the whole cast, with each student vying for her attention and high fives and pledges of BFF-hood.  It's hilarious.  I literally lose track of her a hundred times while we're at the jr high because someone has always carted her off somewhere.  At home she pretends to be Gabriella and Sharpay and is sure she'll "marry Troy Bolton".   She idolizes these girls in the lead roles.  I wonder if she'll end up on the stage in the future, too?

 Rosebud at this very moment

There has never been a more girly girl. She barely waits till the moment we're in the house to strip off the cute outfit I have put her in for the day and don one of her sister's dresses.  (She chooses them over her own because they are longer and hit the floor when she wears them, more like a ball gown).  You can see her dress up shoes next to her here as well.  What a character.  I love her so much and I'm so blessed that she has made this experience of serving at the school possible for me.  If her demeanor were different I couldn't do what I do. 
We're 24 hours from opening night.  I'm ecstatic!!




  1. So fun! And I love that you can go anywhere with your little one. My son is like that too. Easy to take places.
    Wish I lived close and could come watch. Looks awesome.

  2. I'm so happy for you all! This is so much work but so rewarding. I can't wait until I can help you do stuff like this. I can only imagine how much all those junior highers love Rosebud...she's irresistible! You've done a fantastic job with your kids, the props, your patience. You're amazing.


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