Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas prep

For a countdown to the big day, I went with candy this year.  We took an evening and put together little numbered packets.

They sit in a basket in the living room and the kids take turns each morning opening one and passing out a hershey kiss or miniature to each kid.

We took tubes of cardstock and taped them sour cream container style.  You know, flatten one end one way, then the other end the opposite way.  Before closing them up we included a joke in each one. 
Scrapbook number stickers mark each day's packet.  This photo was at the beginning.  I can't believe how empty the basket already looks now.  December is flying by!

I am beside myself - I think I neglected to post about my stockings last year.  Now that our family is done growing I was fed up with the mismatched stockings.  I hated them.  I also hated that all cute stockings were $8-20 each in stores.  That adds up. 

I found maroon and cream sheets at the thrift store and made my own pattern and made 7 monogrammed stockings with coordinating boy-girl colors for about $5.  Much better!  And this year I have them hung from the loft which I love.  It's working out well. 
How ever YOU prepare for the season, I hope it's enjoyable!
Now we need a tree...

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