Saturday, December 1, 2012

December mash-up

It's a new month!!
It has been a great week, as I have gotten back into some routines and started long overdue studying  for my humanities class which has cleared my conscience.
A few random parts of life to leave with you:
I forgot to add these pictures into my HS musical post.  I told you Rosebud loved these performers :)
This is Sharpay, who she totally emulates.
The boys entered the PTA Reflections contest at the jr high.

Potter wrote a poem about, you guessed it, drama.  He is a finalist and moves on to the next round.

Bugs wrote a poem and also drew a picture, which earned an honorable mention.

They got cash for particpating!  $8 for one, $15 for the other.

Jedi won his class Geography Bee.  We are SO proud of him!  He will compete in the school Bee next week.

Princess isn't feeling well today (here she is camping out near the bathroom), but I didn't want to leave her out of this post.  She's doing great in school and is learning a super speed.  As we decorated last night I was playing Pandora  and when a certain song came on she shouted "This is Beethoven!!!"  Um, thank you, new elementary school!

Potter is trying something new.  He joined the swim team three weeks ago. 

He is on starting block #2.

He has made some great friends already, even if he's not the fastest on the team.  I applaud him for reaching out of his comfort zone.  He is trying very hard to be more fit as well and has dropped about 20 pounds since school started. 
And I, my friends, have done all my shopping, ordered my Christmas cards AND decorated the house before December 1.  I have never done any of those prior to the end of November before, but something is strangely motivating me this year. 
Merry Early Christmas!


  1. I think you got early so you will have more time to play with us! :-) Thanks for the updates! It's cool to see them doing new things. (and still excelling in old things :-)

  2. Swim team :) If he competes over this way you shoulod tell us, we would love to come and watch. You are on a roll...congrats. I need to find my motivation...I lost it this week:(

  3. I think your motivation is knowing you'll get to see me again in less than two weeks :)


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