Friday, December 7, 2012

It's all about the presentation

So, this week I had a chance to wrap some gifts.  I know there are those out there that hate that part of gift giving, but for me it's just about the BEST part.

I love adding simple touches to inexpensive items to make them look more substantial.  Who doesn't love getting something pretty?  It is a great way to use up craft stash.  And if it looks nice it can distract them from the fact that you didn't spend a lot of money!

Subject #1 - get well cookies

A neighbor of ours (and father of 4) fell at work and broke both arms at the elbow.  Both.  Treats were definitely in order.

I piled some cookies on the only disposeable plates I had, which happened to be floral.  Since these were for a guy I dug through my ribbon bits for a dark color to manly it up.
Use cellophane to make it look nicer than just plain ol' choc chip cookies.  Some cardstock scraps make an easy tag. 

Subject #2 - dollar store white elephant gifts

Strider was called to a new position at church this week.  He now is the Scoutmaster and serves the 12-13 year old young men (including Bugs).  This week they did a small gift exchange and I offered to wrap the stuff they picked up at the dollar store.


See, even tiny gifts can look adorable if you do it right.

Here they are all in a bin to travel to the party with. 

Until Bugs got home from school and told me that all those items were supposed to be for one person, wrapped together. 

So he got a plain larger gift bag and stuck them all in together before leaving.  So basically no one saw any of these cute wrappings. 

How fun.


  1. So cute! Too bad I'm mostly done with my wrapping or else I'd make you do mine also :-)

  2. If I lived close, I'd hire you to do mine. I never know what to do or don't have anything to make it cute and then do nothing and no one gets anything. Must remedy that!


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