Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thank you, mom

It's Mother's Day, and I've been reflecting on my mom and her influence in my life.

Because my mom taught me to love motherhood, I always knew I wanted to be a mother.

Because my mom knew how tender my feelings were, I have a tearful journal entry from when I was 7 years old over a fear I had that I might not be able to bear children one day.  She knew that sharing feelings is a way we work through them.

Because my mom wanted to be at full capacity while giving birth, I wanted to be.  I wanted awareness over the whole process, physically and spiritually, because I watched her do it.  I knew I was strong enough to labor without medication because she had been.  Because my mom knew how valuable my journal would be to me, she insisted on me recording my birth stories immediately following all five babies.  I now have a priceless treasure of the moments I partnered with God.

Because my mom had a large family, she taught me how to look for bargains to stretch money, and how to cook for a big brood.  My husband had to endure many leftovers when we were first married, because I was taught to cook for 8, not 2.  Now it's second nature to me.

Because my mom loved my dad, I have learned to be fiercely loyal in marriage and to put my husband first.  I cook for him, I pick up the house while he's gone so he can be greeted without chaos (usually) and I try to show my gratitude for what he does for the family.

Because my mom stayed home with us, I knew I would do whatever was necessary to make the same arrangements for my children.  And that would mean old cars, and used clothing, and probably no trips to Disneyland.  And that's ok.

Because my mom found the gospel as an adult, her testimony is based on truth as a contrast to the world's way of teaching.  Some derided her for her choice to join, but she knew what was right in her heart.  I try to honor that heritage by teaching my kids right from wrong and to never doubt nor waiver. I know that the opportunity to be baptized is a gift, and I teach my kids to not take the decision lightly.

Mom, thank you not only for what you did for me and my siblings, but for the positive influence your teachings continue to have over the generations following you.  Love you!


  1. I sort of love your mom too...because she raised a wonderful girl into a fantastic lady!! Love you :)

  2. Very beautifully put! And I concur with it all :-)

  3. You were heaven sent a my first born. It's not as impotant that I taught you what most mothers try to teach, but you are the wonderful woman you are because you chose to follow them. I admire you. I'm the one who is truly blessed.


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