Monday, July 15, 2013

Around town

Let's review a few places that we've been.

The day we put the offer on the house, we celebrated at a local spot, Peach City Drive In.

The family enjoyed their cones.  I got peach ice cream (of course).  We've been back since and really liked the burgers and fries too.  It's a little pricey though, and their prices aren't listed on the menu board.  That bugs me.  

The second week living here we did Yogurt Factory for a family night.  Delicious Farr ice cream served there, but crazy little place.  No yogurt that I saw, and slow service.  

Rosebud is enrolled in a summer dance class at Starstruck Dance Theatre.  Inconsistent teachers, class size is too small.  She is having fun, but I'm not wowed, especially given their high reputation.  We'll try something different in the fall.

The Peaches are a local ball team.  We went to catch a game when Strider was out of town.  Lousy team, but nice atmosphere and FREE.  

Gorgeous sunset that night at the park.

Last weekend we drive to Cache Valley to explore Logan.

Logan Temple

Old fashioned crossing signs.  Just like on Sesame Street!

Aggie Ice Cream 

Cheese and flavored milk at Gossner's

Cox Honeyland

Indoor observation hive

We got a personal tour and watched her fill honey buckets from the vats right in front of us.  The honey we brought home from there is delicious!  And local.

Definitely a great town!  Good food and plenty of shopping.

Strider and I got to attend the Brigham City Temple for the first time.  Beautiful.  

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