Thursday, July 11, 2013

Many hands make light work

Looks weird to see this picture now.

It's been 5 weeks, but it feels like a year ago in some ways.

We set the moving date, and that's all it took.  Our families plus a couple neighbors came and stuck it out with us.

The street was lined with the cars of all these people who love us.

We had so many belongings that we needed two trips in the largest van that U-Haul has.  Yikes.

The final night looked like this:

Two mattresses, five kids, hundreds of tears as they all got emotional during family prayer and tuck-in.

The next day while the first load headed north,  a couple of the kids, my sister, sister in law, mother in law and I tackled the rest of the place and all the accompanying cleaning.  How dedicated they were!    They labored tirelessly.  I was worn out - physically and emotionally - and could NEVER have done it without them.

The van arrived for the second load, much lighter than the first.

A bike license plate found on the patio after the bike rack was hauled away.

As we mopped our way out of the kitchen one last time, I grabbed a few shots of these four walls that I loved so much. 

The sayings I had on the wall.

The stairs that I traveled countless times a day.

The tiny kitchen where I'd never cook another meal or wash another dish.

The living room that I planned out so carefully - that would never end up housing my gallery wall.

This place is stacked to the rafters with memories.  I hope it will be the same for the next family.

The final moments were not as sad as I imagined.  We were ready.

Tired, but ready for new adventures.  

One more walk through.  Did we forget anything?  Our empty walls echoed - nothing like the crazy happy noises heard over the last 16 years of life here.

Keys left for the buyers.

Out the door we go.

Home at last.

Surrounded by a hundred boxes, eating Taco Bell together late on Day #1 at our new (used) table.

Thank you to every helper!  We are indebted to you!


  1. Holy moly Jen I love all of these posts...I go on vacation and come back to so many updates!!! I love it :) Can not wait to see the place in person. Shawn did get a new job, but it's still with SLC so we aren't moving anytime soon...looking at your beautiful home makes me want to move, or just be crafty haha

    1. Congrats on the job! So glad you had a fun trip too.


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