Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Room by room - girls' room

It all hinged on the dresser.  With that done, we're ready to party!  Well, or sleep, actually.

It's a really miniature sized room, so the layout is limited.  The best configuration is to have the dressers near each other.

Here is the wall across from the bed, with a Christ picture from my dad and a tutu bow hanger from my friend Kristy.

When I say miniature, I'm not kidding.  This is the entry.

We used the same idea as their room in the last house, and hung their blessing dresses for decoration, this time with glass knobs from the set I bought for the dresser.  I'd like to add a photo on the wall of each of them on that special day.

 The bed was bought a couple weeks before we moved.  I was so happy to get a super sturdy and well built piece of furniture that will last forever.  It seriously is ridiculously heavy. I searched for a white double bed because I knew their room would be small.  I wanted them to share without doing bunks.  I paid $90 for the bed and frame and it's perfect.  The seller threw in the huge mirror over the new dresser for another $10.  I couldn't believe it.

The bedding itself was a total splurge.  I paid $80 and it's from Pottery Barn.  I bought it from a lady who spent $250 on it, put it on her daughter's bed, and then changed her mind.  Can you imagine doing such a thing?  Not this bargain shopper.  Anyway, I fell in love with it, and sold some things before we moved to pay for it.  I am so happy I got it.

I realized while taking pictures that Rosebud's dresser and the bed both have a lower scallop detail.  Cute!

Cost breakdown:

Bed $90
Bedding (comforter, 4 shams) $80
Bed skirt $12
Mirror $10
Dresser $30 + refurbish $50

I will add a couple more photos, and maybe a lamp if I can find one for cheap.

So, that's more than I spent anywhere else in the house, by far.  But it's a happy, girly place.  I'm not tied into emerald green carpet anymore, or a brown oak bed for my baby girls.  I wanted a special spot and I got it.  Plus, we've noticed something.  Since sharing a bed, the little cuties are closer than ever.  They stick up for each other and do more things together.  It has helped me to know we made the right choice.

And, as with any project, as soon as I get one spot done, 5 others get destroyed!  Ugh.


  1. This room is so sweet and darling, and all done on such a tight budget! Very impressive!
    Kristin @

  2. I love it. You did a great job bargain always :) I love seeing your house come together.


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