Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Room by room - S.L.O.W. office progress

Eeek!  It's the office/den/library/computer room.

Ain't pretty!

But after several hours I progressed to this.  Better, right?

And look at all the boxes I emptied in the process!

I have been so mired down in stuff and making decisions about stuff and organizing stuff that I needed to pause and decorate something, for crying out loud.  

First the lamp in the corner of the laundry counter.

Next it was the top of the bookcases Strider bought me.  Love them!  We have three set up in here now and they make a huge difference. When I sit at the computer, this is what I see to my left.  I am so thankful to get our family books contained together.  They make me happy.

Beneath the ampersand is a wooden box from the thrift store.  I got it to hold all the memorabilia (tickets, pamphlets, receipts, logs) from our trip to PA last summer.  Much better than a cardboard box, I say.  And looks decent too.

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  1. LOVE the decorations on the top of your bookcases! But what a great idea on using a revamped wooden box from the thrift store for holding vacation memories! I'm not a scrapbooker (I use my blog for that!), but some things like ticket stubs, etc. I don't always want to throw away afterward. Thanks!


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