Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Burlap table runner

Last week, with Strider out of town and the impending school year encroaching on my freedom, I was craving something crafty.  I felt suffocated and needed an outlet.  I wanted something for my dining room table and didn't want to spend much (shocker).

I saw a couple of these runners and used them as inspiration.  I went to Walmart to get some burlap.  To my surprise, they had printed burlap!  Some might be over the chevron craze, but I still love it.

This burlap was 60" wide on the bolt, and I thought it was the perfect length for a runner.

The fabric is only $3.97/yd, and I bought a little less than half a yard.  I showed the cutting lady how wide (how many zig zags) I wanted and she cut it precisely where I needed her to, and charged me exact.  No waste.  No cutting or trimming at home.   So, like $1.75 for burlap.  Yeah!

I wanted a trim on the ends, but because the burlap had a bold pattern,  a smallish one.  I saw this narrow eyelet ruffle for a little over $1/yd.  I got 2 yards for making 4 stripes.

I dusted off the sewing machine and cranked this out in about 15 min.  Burlap sheds mercilessly, so don't forget to finish the edges!

Modern and rustic.  Frill and casual.  Easy, and $4.  Total.

The day I made this I kept watching out the window and wondering if my peach tree would break from the weight!  We got a great harvest.

Don't you feel better after you make something?  I sure do.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New year, new places

First day of school 2013-14

                                                       Oh my word, look at my sophomore.

(I remember being a sophomore, if that matters to anybody)

Bugs is a proud 8th grader

Jedi is in 6th

Cutie Princess in 3rd this year

And just like that, they're gone.

Off to big scary schools that I'm not familiar with.  Halls that I've never seen.  Teachers I've never heard of!

I get to hang with this little one today and for the (short) next year till she hits the big K.  (She's helping me make a back to school pencil cake for the kids).  

Happy new school year!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Room by room - master bedroom

Tucked in the corner of the new house, in the furthest spot from everyone, is our retreat.  

First up, the furniture.  We've owned the bedroom set for nearly our whole marriage.  It was a cheap one in 1997, and frankly I am surprised it's still holding up.  Strider expressed interest in swapping it for something else but I like the classic look of it, and while it's showing a bit of wear, it's doing alright.

Here is my dresser/mirror.  I no longer do makeup in here, so it should stay less cluttered than in the last house.

I found the necklace hanger (acrylic knobs on a board) for $5. It organizes my jewelry nicely, and was already the perfect color.

  With a tiny closet I needed to get creative for shoe storage.  I love my shoes.  At Ross I got this telescoping tiered shoe rack for a fraction of the Amazon price.    I think I paid $15?  Brilliant, I tell you.

So, yeah.  I didn't think we could have a smaller closet than at the last house but I was wrong.  Most of what you see here is Strider's stuff.  Starting at the yellow shirt on the right, my clothes hang in about 2 feet of space.  He has the front-of-the-closet-because-I-dress-for-work-in-the-morning part.  I have the back-of-the-closet-so-I-can't-really-reach-it part.  It's a royal pain.  C'est la vie.

 This dresser is for hubs.  We re-purposed some hooks and made a spot for robes behind the door.  

The room has hints of gray, teal and apple green.  The throw pillow and floral shades were from Target clearance and add a little bit of interest to the plain cherrywood bed & white comforter.

I love the old windows and didn't want to make custom curtains and all that jazz.  After two months of wondering who might get a glimpse of us changing clothes or something, I bought this window film, which gives privacy but still lets in light.

I've decided to keep our bags for attending the temple right by the door.  I'm hoping it will be a reminder to go often?

This guy is the best thing to ever happen to me.  We're forever newlyweds.  I put our picture with a gorgeous  $7 teal owl from Ross here on my dresser along with a candle I've had forever, and dollar store dogwood flowers in a thrift store vase.    

Sheesh, after getting this room all ready for photos, it's too nice to sleep in tonight :)  Maybe I'll lay on top of the covers.

I'd still love some updates in here.

1.  I'd like to add some pillows.

Wonder if I could make that?

These look just like my lampshades

Love these patterns.

2. Add wall art?

source: Pinterest
Wedding song

Framed words

3. And we definitely need to change the light fixture

source: Pinterest

For now, it's not hip or fancy (fitting, cuz we aren't either), but it's one of my favorite spaces in the house.  

It's quiet. 

The kids really NEVER come in (our previous master bedroom was a major gathering place).  

The a/c blasts this room super cold (LOVE).  

We finally have privacy glass so that we don't feel conspicuous.
We downsized some stuff before moving, so even though it's small, it's fairly easy to keep clean.  

And here's a big one - we decided to dump the tv.  


The phrase I look at every day when I open my eyes.  

Boy, is it ever.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Room by room - Potter's room

Wow, the whole month is getting away from me.  If I blink, I'll miss it!

Potter's room has been organized to his liking.  So it's next on the home tour today.

I got him large bulletin boards to display items from his many stage productions.

He sorted and gathered and sorted and purged his memorabilia, deciding what to include on the wall.

The result is a chronicle of his life as an actor so far.

I found this fun poster on Amazon for $5.  They actually sent us two by mistake, so he's going to give the extra to his best buddy.

A few more things may get hung on the wall in this area, but here is his desk.  To the right is his closet.

As an Eagle Scout he has lots of eagle stuff to display.  Hanging on the wall are his certificate as well as an award winning photo his Aunt took of a bald eagle here in Utah.  Amazing.

My favorite things about his room are the large windows and the 1920's original door.  The rest of the family bedrooms are downstairs where it has been remodeled, and hence, we don't have old doors down there.

He's using the same mattress/bedding/dresser as he had at the last house, but I found him the single bed for $15 in the classifieds and a little side table/nightstand at Walmart for $15.  He's also using the desk that used to house our desktop computer.

Cute little spot for this busy teen.  He probably would have been happy with just a closet, as long as he didn't have to share with anyone.  Life with a triple bunk already seems like a distant memory.  

Teenage boys are so much more fun than I ever expected.  And simple, too.  
Feed them.  
Listen to them.  
Be interested in them.  
And a little space to call their own ain't a bad thing either.