Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Burlap table runner

Last week, with Strider out of town and the impending school year encroaching on my freedom, I was craving something crafty.  I felt suffocated and needed an outlet.  I wanted something for my dining room table and didn't want to spend much (shocker).

I saw a couple of these runners and used them as inspiration.  I went to Walmart to get some burlap.  To my surprise, they had printed burlap!  Some might be over the chevron craze, but I still love it.

This burlap was 60" wide on the bolt, and I thought it was the perfect length for a runner.

The fabric is only $3.97/yd, and I bought a little less than half a yard.  I showed the cutting lady how wide (how many zig zags) I wanted and she cut it precisely where I needed her to, and charged me exact.  No waste.  No cutting or trimming at home.   So, like $1.75 for burlap.  Yeah!

I wanted a trim on the ends, but because the burlap had a bold pattern,  a smallish one.  I saw this narrow eyelet ruffle for a little over $1/yd.  I got 2 yards for making 4 stripes.

I dusted off the sewing machine and cranked this out in about 15 min.  Burlap sheds mercilessly, so don't forget to finish the edges!

Modern and rustic.  Frill and casual.  Easy, and $4.  Total.

The day I made this I kept watching out the window and wondering if my peach tree would break from the weight!  We got a great harvest.

Don't you feel better after you make something?  I sure do.

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  1. Love the chevron printed burlap! I'm going to have to check into that!

  2. This is great! I hope my Walmart has that printed burlap! So creative! I'm visiting from ABFOL. Thanks for sharing!


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