Thursday, August 15, 2013

Room by room - Potter's room

Wow, the whole month is getting away from me.  If I blink, I'll miss it!

Potter's room has been organized to his liking.  So it's next on the home tour today.

I got him large bulletin boards to display items from his many stage productions.

He sorted and gathered and sorted and purged his memorabilia, deciding what to include on the wall.

The result is a chronicle of his life as an actor so far.

I found this fun poster on Amazon for $5.  They actually sent us two by mistake, so he's going to give the extra to his best buddy.

A few more things may get hung on the wall in this area, but here is his desk.  To the right is his closet.

As an Eagle Scout he has lots of eagle stuff to display.  Hanging on the wall are his certificate as well as an award winning photo his Aunt took of a bald eagle here in Utah.  Amazing.

My favorite things about his room are the large windows and the 1920's original door.  The rest of the family bedrooms are downstairs where it has been remodeled, and hence, we don't have old doors down there.

He's using the same mattress/bedding/dresser as he had at the last house, but I found him the single bed for $15 in the classifieds and a little side table/nightstand at Walmart for $15.  He's also using the desk that used to house our desktop computer.

Cute little spot for this busy teen.  He probably would have been happy with just a closet, as long as he didn't have to share with anyone.  Life with a triple bunk already seems like a distant memory.  

Teenage boys are so much more fun than I ever expected.  And simple, too.  
Feed them.  
Listen to them.  
Be interested in them.  
And a little space to call their own ain't a bad thing either.

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