Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Room by room - Command central

This is all part of the laundry room, but it has morphed to be a bit of a mudroom.  I have trained am training the kids to come in the back door after school.  Thus, shoes and backpacks might not end up all over the living room like the did during the first week of school.

Strider put up these hooks on Labor Day and they've been a great addition to the space.  For now, even band instruments can be dropped off in the corner instead of tripped over in the kitchen.

An hour later the space looks so sad and empty when everyone leaves :(

I know you're wondering about 4 hooks for 5 kids.  Our plan is to build a corner cubby area with a small seat and hooks above.  The teens will move their things over and we'll have room for Rosebud and her kindergarten backpack next year.  We'll tackle that sadness later.

The other issue that needed a solution was papers/schedules/calendars/lists.  I use a planner that stays in my purse.  It's helpful when I'm at a meeting and need to check on availability or when I calendar items while I'm waiting for kids at practices and such.  But that doesn't help the family.

I picked up this large desk calendar at Walmart that we can all look at.  It has convenient holes for hanging too.

I had Strider hang it, along with the corkboard from way back HERE.   It holds invitations, football schedule, Family Home Evening assignments and Home and Visiting teaching lists.  I love having those things off the fridge!  Right now I have my pouch of color coded pens for the calendar hanging on a thumb tack, but I'll get a hanging box or caddy for those.

Below the board I wanted a space for chores and other lists referred to frequently.  These clipboards hang from nails.  I decided to put them on a chalkboard background so that I could change the title of what was on the clipboards at any time.

Strider chose a quote from his Sunday lesson to go up on the board.  We'll change it out frequently.  I'm amazed at how much that phrase has gone through my head in just two days.  I hope it will be a place of inspiration and uplift for the whole family.

The kids can pass by this spot from either the hall or the kitchen, so no more excuses!  Get your chores done.  Get to your activities on time.  Get organized.  When in doubt, check the command center!

Backpack hooks - $10
Wall calendar - $4
Bulletin board - $0 (already had)
Clipboards - .75 ea (thrift store)
"Chalkboard" wall - contact paper from HERE - $8


  1. Looks awesome and very organized and practical!

  2. I love the chalkboard contact paper! What a great invention!

  3. Okay, chalkboard contact paper is freaking genius!


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