Wednesday, October 30, 2013

On my mind today

I need a brain dump.  There is so much swirling in my head.  And since I'm so good at avoiding tasks I find daunting, I'll sit and write instead of working on REAL stuff.

Is this picture an embodiment of fall or what? Look at all those colors together, all growing on my fence today.  Various leaves, some even dead.  But it looks fabulous.

*We've had an outstanding fall.  Better than I can ever remember.  Slow, gradual move from heat to cold.  50's-60's days, 30's-40's nights.  I literally cannot express how smitten I am with this season.  Yeah, it helps that we now live in a place with a ton of trees around us, I get that.  But each day of Sept & Oct has been amazing and stunning.  Sad to see it go, but I can't ask for any more from mother nature.

*I'm trying to make pumpkin puree today. I have been craving pumpkin baking but haven't bought any canned stuff.  We'll see how it goes.

*My mom has been on Pinterest lately.  Isn't that awesome?  She made some Halloween treats from there and gave my sister and I ingredients for some others.  I think it's so cool.

* I love laundry.  Like really love it.  The laundry room I've been blessed with allows me to feel caught up and organized.

*My van has been making weird noises.  Makes me nervous.

*My kids are into several activities taking up my time (and money) but I sure can see the good it does for them.  Potter is preparing for his 7th time in a stage production, this time as an ape in Tarzan.  It's been weird to not be involved like I was on the jr high level, but this is a top notch deal, and I honestly am glad I don't have the pressure.  He's also studying for his learner's permit and should be driving soon.

Bugs has the chance to play a football tournament  in Nevada before Thanksgiving.  Not sure how we'll pay for it, but we're trying to work it out so he can be there.  It would be so fun for him.  He's turning into quite an artist at school.  Really good student.

Jedi is NOT in an after school activity right now and desperately needs to be.  Football is over, baseball is many months away.  He's driving us all nutty.  Trying hard to get the basics of the viola down.

Princess is in a weekly children's choir and is busy with Christmas songs that she'll perform in December.  She also loves Activity Days at church and is making friends like crazy.  She's a sweetheart thru and thru.

Rosebud is in dance every week and was just offered the chance to move up to the older class because of her skill set and ability to focus and follow directions.  I think I'll do it, but she'll definitely have an adjustment going from being a leader to being at the bottom of the heap.  I hope it will teach her to push hard and work.  I know she's only 4, but I have felt since she was 2 that she had a special gift and I feel a burden (is that the right word?) to get her trained appropriately.  I wish I could afford private lessons for her.  For now, I think a move to the 5/6 yr old class is our best decision.

*I feel burned out a little on volunteerism.  I was reluctant to agree to help in the elementary for the party tomorrow.  But I said yes and now I need to get in gear.  I need to make this into a skeleton.  In a hurry.

*We cooked burgers yesterday (inside, not on the grill) and I can't get the smell out of my house. Yuck.

* My father-in-law flew over town the other day.  I really like this shot he sent me.

*Our house was a rental for a while before we bought it.  I am amazed at the amount of people we run into who lived here or knew people that did.  SO many.  Just another one yesterday, that's why it's on my mind.

I am equally amazed (and chuckle) when strangers say "Oh, I know your house.  What a cute little place that is!"  Or they call it "adorable" or something equally small-sounding.  Uh, we doubled our living space when we came here!  It's huge to me.

*I think every time my kids go to ride their bikes they have a flat tire.  How many flat tires did you get as a kid?  I know I hardly got any.  What's the matter with bike tubes these days?

*I get to head up our ward's craft next Saturday.  It's fun to create again!  And those baby clothespins?  Adorable.

*I wish I had $5,000.

*I always say this a couple days before Halloween, but can't we just decorate for Thanksgiving?  I always get tired of the bats and crows before the holiday even gets here.  Dumb, right?

*Strider has a lot on his mind lately.  So consequently I have a lot on mine.

Big decisions.  Grand plans.  Are they dreams? or reality?


  1. I know, I always just want to skip right over Halloween!
    Glad your camera is working :)

  2. Those leaves are amazing!!! We've had a great fall too.
    Hope all your big decisions/ dreams work out.
    What do you want $5000 for?

  3. That was like thought vomit (in a good way) and it makes me realize how little I've talked to you lately and have almost no idea as to what is going on. Sorry I'm a total slacker! I usually love Halloween, but this year I haven't been in the spirit, until today! I love this holiday! Talk to you soon! Love you guys.

  4. Reading this makes me miss you:( We need to get together and play!!!

  5. Yes, I can relate to it all. Kindred spirits we are.
    Lesa and I want to put together a 10th ward reunion of sorts. Gather a few missed friends. maybe after holidays.
    Hope your car turns out to be nothing.

  6. Your Autumn looks delightfully busy! I love the changing of the colours (wish they lasted a bit longer though). I always enjoy stopping by your blog and seeing all you have been up to! :)


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