Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Locks of Love

I know I promised the other half of our trip today. That will be later.  I was too excited to wait any longer to show our friends and family our surprise!

This cutie warmed my heart by wanting to not only get a (much needed) cut, but to donate those honey locks.

She squealed when I showed her the ponytail!  Minimum to donate is 10 inches.  We got almost 12. 

And she has a brightness and cheerfulness that has been missing for a while.  Is it possible that hair can weigh us down?  I believe it.

It's adorable on her!  I'm no expert obviously, But I did my best.

Tomorrow, since she's off for Thanksgiving break, we'll mail it off to Florida.  When it comes to serving others, sometimes it means the most to literally give of yourself.

If you have a message for Princess, please comment.  I'll make sure she reads every one!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Fall break - day one

It's been several weeks since fall break, but we had a fun mini getaway and I wanted to document it.

I insisted that Strider take a day off work and that we go play.  I proposed two trips, either heading north toward Jackson Hole, or south to Goblin Valley.  Strider chose north.

We packed the kiddos and snacks and overnight bags, leaving early on Friday morning and coming back late on Saturday night.

We stopped in Idaho Falls and it was gorgeous there!  Freezing, but so pretty.

Fall colors were everywhere and the temple made a nice backdrop.

I don't know why Bugs is shooting his brother, or why Jedi is in a stunt pose, but that's us.

Cute horse bench near the falls

Then by midday we arrived in Jackson, WY.  We went to the Teton National Park to explore.  We were thrilled that the government shutdown ended just days before, and thus we could enter the park.

Each of the kids with a walking stick in hand, we took a family hike to Phelps Lake.  They climbed and wandered, and watched for bears (there had been many nearby sightings).  Other than some fresh bear dung on the trail, we saw nothing but squirrels.

Look at the profile of this boulder.  It looks just like an ape!

After an hour of walking you reach the beautiful prize. The prettiest, quietest lake.  And we had it all to ourselves.

I bribed the kids with granola bars if they would just give me a few decent pictures.

At the base of the hike was the Rockefeller Preserve.  Having stalled long enough, we could now check into our hotel.

Then we made our way to the hotel.  We stayed at The Hostel.  I found an embarrassingly good deal at the Jackson Hole Mtn Resort. Off season - that's the way to go.  We paid $45 per room (we got 2). One was a king, the other room has 4 twin beds.  Isn't that cool?  Couldn't have set it up any better.  Game room in the lodge was fun for the kids.  The boys set up mini pool tournaments and the girls played board games while I cooked easy mac in a little microwave. 

You do get what you pay for, though.  The rooms only have showers, no tubs.  There was no breakfast, no shampoo unless requested.  Everything was old and wooden and very VERY rustic.  Oh yeah, and we were on the 4th floor, stairs only.

Still, being in Jackson Hole means a good chance of wildlife.  Here is a fox who visited the hotel.  The kids were squealing with delight.

We visited a museum in town that night and packed a lot of driving and a lot of fun into a single day.

Tomorrow: Day 2.