Monday, November 18, 2013

Lessons from the leaves

I shared this photo last time I wrote.  I marvel at all the plants in one concentrated area.  All the colors, the leafy shapes.  When I pull back to a wider angle, then it dawns on me.

All the yellow and green in the center are maple leaves.  Which means....  

...there is a maple tree trying to grow up my fence, right by the irrigation ditch and my neighbor's shed.  Uh, not a good spot for a tree that grows 20 feet high.

In this widest shot, it is so clear.  Why did I not notice this during the summer?

The day I realized this bizarre maple I was feeling homesick for my beloved previous home/neighborhood/church/town.  I very nearsightedly doubted our decision to come here.  Yes, God has made it abundantly clear and yes we have received approximately 8,000 affirmative answers that we belong in the new town.  But I'm a stubborn, bullheaded child and I doubted.  Again.  I was thinking of all the family and neighbors and stores and landmarks I miss from there and erroneously saw that as a reason that maybe we were wrong to go.

But I realized that I am the maple tree.  I can grow up strong and beautiful only in the right place.  Where He wants me to grow.  If I'm stubborn and stay in the easy spot, like this maple seed that took root in a weird place, I will never become what I ought.  We didn't leave Magna because we didn't like it there.  We left because it was time to grow somewhere else.  Taking root in the right area is the only chance I have at reaching my true potential.

This week I have to cut that maple down.  It simply can't stay there, no matter how perfect of a spot it thinks it's in.  As the gardener I know better.  I will shape the whole backyard to maximize the plants growing in the best spots for them.  Next spring, our first spring here, will be full of buds and flowers and beauty - I know it.

Everything will be ready to bloom, including me.


  1. so true...but sometimes growing hurts alot, and I doubt I am strong enough. I am so thankful the Lord shows me little glimpses of "the bigger picture" those are what help me through the times of pruning :)

  2. I like that perspective of growing somewhere else. Must remember that!


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